Our brain may be injured in a variety of ways like stroke, head injury, epilepsy, birth trauma, infectious disorders, and neuro-developmental & neurodegenerative disorders. Generally, natural recovery takes place. However, after a period of time, there comes a point where gradual progress is no longer possible and stagnation is likely.

Brain damage can result in various changes in our bodies. These changes can be deeply emotional, motivational, and personality changes. These can range from depression and apathy to loss of behavioral control and extreme impulsiveness.

There can also be difficulty with other higher mental functions such as planning, understanding and forming concepts, working memory, mental flexibility, language, learning and memory etc.

A Neuro rehab center can be a solution to this. A Neuro rehab center tries to rehabilitate people who have been disabled by injury or disease. Patients are treated while working closely with other professional staff, relatives and members of the community. The main objective is to help the patient achieve their optimum in physical, social, and psychological spheres.

The first step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment that evaluates the functions of the different parts of the brain. A number of various approaches may be used afterward as per the deficits found in the patients some of which are as follows:

  • Restore lost functions
  • Teach an undamaged part of the brain to take over the functions of a damaged area
  • Bypassing the problems altogether by finding alternative ways to complete a task

Some of the symptoms that indicate neuropsychological impairment are as follows:

  • Trouble paying attention
  • Getting distracted easily
  • Inability to understand quickly what others are saying
  • Inability to perform simple goal-oriented tasks
  • Difficulty in planning and retaining information
  • Memory issues
  • Frequently losing items
  • Difficulty in recognizing familiar people
  • Losing language fluency and vocabulary
  • Getting confused in conversations
  • Having emotional difficulties

So if you have any of these or their combination, neuropsychological rehabilitation may just be the thing for you. Get in touch with us for more information. Center for Mental Health is one of the leading mental health centers in India. Our team consists of some of the most renowned and famous psychologists in India. Our goal is to make expert and holistic mental health care available to all while creating awareness and reducing taboo and stigma around mental illness.