You can avail of our corporate services and add further value to your organization and its employees by utilizing our employee mental wellness programs. CMH’s corporate psychology services can help cope with high levels of stress usually experienced while maintaining a balance between personal and professional life, helping make healthier choices for a better lifestyle, increasing self-confidence, and increasing the ability to multitask.

Corporate psychology services can help both individuals and corporates progress by helping the management understand the office environment and employee’s mental wellness in the workplace.

Partnership with the Center for Mental Health, Pune to provide corporate mental health programs may be developed with:
  • A company seeking to incorporate mental wellness programs for their staff wellbeing

  • An organization looking to incorporate mental health programs in the workplace
  • An existing mental health agency that would like to outsource some of its client work for getting psychological help online.
  • A government agency that requires psychological or counselling services as part of its program, including, but not limited to, mental health policies, mental wellness activities, corporate wellness mental health, etc.

Services Provided

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We offer the highest standard of Employee Assistance Programs that suit both the budget and needs of small, medium or large organisations.
  • A program for confidential psychological intervention service intended for employees dealing with mental health difficulties in the workplace.
  • The employee can talk about their fears and worries, enabling the counsellor to offer practical, doable solutions while keeping the organization’s work culture in mind.
  • EAP with Center for Mental Health will be employee tailored and designed to help enhance all employees’ emotional, mental, and psychological well-being.
  • This program can be used for dealing with issues like lack of concentration, anxiety before a meeting, extended office hours leading to stress in personal relations, especially with a spouse, etc.
  • EAP services can help improve individuals’ work satisfaction, performance, and the overall culture of the organisation and be utilized for staff wellbeing during work-from-home.

Psychometric Testing

  • Our experienced team at CMH will help administer assessments that are highly comprehensive and provide an in-depth evaluation and report related to a range of issues.

  • The range of assessments cater to evaluate

    • Fitness-for-work (employees’ ability to carry out his or her job safely and effectively),
    • Assessment of employees on medical leave,
    • Assessments for Management styles, emotional intelligence, leadership skills
    • Evaluation of team performance
  • A comprehensive and in-depth report for an assessment is provided to both the employee and the organization.
  • The comprehensive report can also recommend certain mental wellness activities for employees and their organization.
  • These recommendations can help the organization develop strategies to cater to emotional and mental wellness in the workplace.

Conflict Resolution Programs (CRPs)

  • CRPs that our corporate psychologists provide help in various team and individual issues like employee dissatisfaction at work, bullying occurring in teams or negative feelings between team members, and reduced team productivity affecting employee wellbeing and mental health.
  • CRPs include identifying the cause of team problems and developing interventions to help individuals and groups resolve issues and work better with each other.
  • CRPs may include group counselling or individual counselling for each member of the team.

Corporate Workshops and Webinars

  • Corporate workshops/webinars can be availed for

    • Assisting employees with any issues arising in the workplace.
    • Mental health policies and programs in the workplace.
    • Issues related to employee wellbeing working from home.
    • Skill development programs for Leadership, Planning, Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal communication, Time Management, etc.
    • Addressing general mental health issues.
  • Workplace issues consist of topics related to workplace stress, managing conflict, work-life balance, improving communication, grief & loss, managing trauma, coping with change, building resilience, etc.
  • General mental health issues workshops may address depression, anxiety, substance/alcohol abuse, managing anger, dealing with grief and loss, improving relationships, etc.
  • We, at CMH, can develop presentations based on your needs. The length of sessions can be adjusted to your schedule.

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