NeuroPsychological Assessment in Pune, India

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Our neuropsychologists at the Centre for Mental Health carry out neuropsychological testing in Pune, India. This involves an interview with our neuropsychologist and it is followed by a battery of neuropsychological tests conducted at the Centre for Mental Health, Pune. These neuropsychological tests assess cognitive functioning with a performance-based approach. Brain injury, brain damage, neurodegenerative disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, and severe mental illnesses have an impact on cognition and neuropsychological tests are used to examine these impacts.

Neuropsychological assessment in Pune, India, study the effects of brain conditions, identify the brain dysfunction based on their behavioural correlates, assess the consequences of brain injury, and help clients recover from, and cope with, brain impairment. Neuropsychological assessment is an objective and comprehensive assessment of a wide range of cognitive and behavioural areas of functioning, which the neuropsychologist integrates with intellectual and personality assessments and evaluates within the context of CT and MRI scans. Neuropsychological testing in Pune gives an in-depth assessment of the skills and abilities linked to brain function. Neuropsychological assessment in India, measure a wide range of abilities to determine an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations measure areas such as attention, problem-solving, memory, language, I.Q., visual-spatial skills, academic skills, and social-emotional functioning.

Through neuropsychological assessment in Pune, one can identify, quantify and describe changes in behaviour that relate to the cognitive integrity of the brain. It provides useful information about the impact of a client’s limitations on his/her educational, social and vocational adjustment in the light of the illness/injury.

Neuropsychological assessment in India is able to delineate an individual’s pattern of cognitive strengths and weaknesses relative to his/her ability.

neuropsychological testing in india

The following are the areas assessed in a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment in Pune, India

Memory Attention
Learning ability Initiating
Language and communication Problem solving
Mental speed Insight
Motor ability Abstract reasoning
Mental flexibility Judgement

How will the Neuropsychological assessments done by us at the Centre for
Mental Health, Pune, India help?

It can provide us with evidence that a brain injury has caused changes.

  • It gives us an idea of the persons level of functioning in daily activities
  • It helps identify what a person needs, to be successful, including adaptations and compensation strategies, supervision, learning style, or teaching strategies
  • It helps the individual understand how the injury has changed them
  • It also aids in educational and vocational planning
  • It helps caregivers see how people with the brain injury see themselves
  • It helps with the planning of rehabilitation or other treatment
  • It can document changes for legal purposes
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