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Ms Nupur has a genuinely open minded personality. Through our sessions, she helped me find triggers to my anxiety and identify ways for me to easily address them; so empowering. With medication, required therapy and counselling, I know I am better educated about my condition and therefore more productive daily! I thank her for giving me positive strength and look forward to the group therapy sessions.


Visited her for my personal problems.. She is amazing at her work. She answered all my queries with lots of patience and was very supportive towards me. Than you so much ma’am. Keep doing tue great work.


Very friendly and I felt very comfortable opening up about the issues that I am currently facing. She was a thorough professional and i hope to continue my sessions with her for as long as needed.


Nupur Dhakephalkar

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
Founder,  Chief Clinical Psychologist

Anusree Menon

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology,
Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Srijita Gupta

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
(Institute of Psychiatry)

Clinical Psychologist

Swathi TP

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Arpita Misra

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology
(Manipal University)

Clinical Psychologist

Mental Health Center in Pune, India

Center for Mental Health was founded in January 2018 by the Chief Clinical Psychologist Nupur Dhakephalkar and her trusted Assistant Psychologist Saee Patwardhan, with the intention of making expert and holistic mental health care available while creating awareness and reducing taboo and stigma around mental illness.

We, at this mental health center in Pune, India, provide mental healthcare services to a demographic that ranges through every walk of life; children, teenagers, youth, adults, and the elderly. Mental health center in India engage in conducting individual, couple and family therapies, counseling for various problems faced in our daily life. We also conduct psycho-diagnostic assessments and provide necessary reports and certification by our registered Clinical Psychologists.

Our logo is a resemblance of our vision wherein the mind is symbolized by the brain, cradled by the symbol of ‘Psy’ which is a representation of psycho-therapeutic interventions and hands that are an expression of our nurturing and humanistic approach. The color green in our logo is a symbol of nurturance, beginnings, safety, fertility, and the environment. Undeniably, it has healing effects on us, both physically and emotionally, and is therefore chosen to embody the brain and hands. The symbol for psycho-therapeutic intervention is colored yellow as it is associated with sunshine and positivity. It welcomes people with warmth, boosts mental activity, brings cheer, and generates growth.

To ensure that clients receive the best possible care here at mental health center in Pune, India, we strictly abide by the work ethics provided by the American Psychological Association.

Center for Mental Health has a wide database of referral resources of other mental healthcare professionals like psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, counsellors, social psychologists, occupational and speech therapists, and remedial educators. When required, Mental health center in India also strive to put our clients in touch with allied professionals who are best suited for their unique needs and come with impeccable records of their own.

Positive feedback from the clients and their rewarding therapeutic experiences give us the confidence to assure our clients that they will receive the best psychological services in Pune, India at mental health center in Pune, India. This encourages us to constantly evolve, implement new and innovative ideas, and continue to create better experiences.

Having the best counsellors in India, the Center for Mental Health team provides clinical excellence and support to individuals who require interventions for a wide spectrum of psychological conditions that affect their personal, social and occupational well being. We, the therapists in India identify the mental health issues which the client experience as debilitating and partner with them to discover their abilities and strengths and focus on their positive growth. Being the best therapists in India, we currently provide support online to empower the clients, teaching them appropriate coping skills and helping them to deal with a variety of issues ranging from depression, anxiety, work stress, marital conflicts, relationship issues, addiction, behavioral problems and much more.

Our team consists of dedicated, compassionate, and qualified professionals in India who operate from an empathetic, ethical and non-judgemental stance. The therapists in India, mostly work on the lines of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness.We help the clients identify the pattern of thoughts, emotions and behaviours to have a better insight into themselves and facilitate change to have a healthier and better ways to deal with the distressful situations.

Through practicing mindfulness the counsellors in India help the clients to be in the present and accept the situations as they are, without being distressed and judgemental about them. The counsellors in India, aim at helping the clients achieve a state of well-being, which would help the clients discover their inner potentials to maintain a balanced state, facilitating personal and social well being.

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