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Sometimes you may find life challenging and affecting your well-being, or you may have trouble dealing with certain problems. Counselling will be very beneficial as it offers you a safe space to talk about what you are going through. It will help you reflect and make sense of difficult times and find a better way to cope. We offer counselling for:
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Counsellors are trained in providing interventions and strategies that are designed to help you reduce and manage your stress. Counselling will help you identify underlying problems and personal triggers, and figure out ways of coping with them. It also gives you an opportunity to address other mental health concerns that may arise while dealing with high levels of stress.
Counselling provides you the required assistance in addressing a health problem and to manage your illness. Health counselling covers various health-related aspects such as managing excessive tobacco use, smoking cessation, weight management, and improving adherence to health advice and medical treatment.
Lifestyle management aims to help you manage and reorganize your life in such a way that you are able to achieve your life goals. Lifestyle management involves establishing habits and adjusting your lifestyle along with promoting health and wellness. The focus is on improving all areas of life including, but not limited to, sleep, exercise, daily routine, habit management, planning, and personal, occupational and financial goal setting. Continuous guidance is provided, along with regular monitoring and feedback, thus ensuring that your new and improved lifestyle is maintained well beyond your time with us.
Rehabilitation counselling includes counselling for every type of disability and disabling situations regardless of its cause. The goal is to assess your needs and abilities to assist you in overcoming your physical, social and emotional barriers. Counselling will help you adjust to your impaired functionality or disability and to help you achieve your personal, educational and vocational goals.

Counselling will equip you with smart study skills to cope with your academic requirements and achieve academic success. In training, you will acquire various skills such as reading, note taking, referencing and revision along with effective memory techniques. It also helps you in learning to better manage your time and resources as well as avoid procrastination by using various motivational techniques.

Career and vocational counselling will enable you to make an informed decision about your future career and life. Your counsellor will guide you in procuring the necessary information and determine further steps to achieve your goal. This will help you in gaining insight regarding your aptitude, abilities, and interests as well as identify factors that influence your career development. Together, you and your counsellor will work as a team to identify the most suitable career/vocation for you, ensuring success and fulfillment.
Interpersonal relationship counselling addresses problems arising due to interpersonal conflicts, role transitions, feelings of loss or grief and interpersonal deficits. Counselling will help you in gaining a better understanding of your needs and desires from your relationships. You will also be able to identify and express your emotions along with stating your limits and boundaries in an assertive way. Your counsellor will act as a supportive, non-judgmental listener to help you identify your difficulties, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and build more fulfilling relationships with your near and dear ones.
Marriage counselling will help you to deal with various marital difficulties like extended family over involvement, communication problems, sexual difficulties, conflicts and disagreements, substance abuse, and infidelity. These take a toll on the relationship between you and your significant other. Counselling will also help you enhance the quality of your relationship, gain better insight into the dynamics of your relationship, and strengthen your bond. Marriage counselling involves individual as well as joint therapy sessions. You can also seek pre-marital counselling and pre-pregnancy counselling. For couples involved in divorce proceedings, pre-litigation counselling can prove to be beneficial.
Parental counselling will help you discover your strengths as parents. As counsellors we provide you with a non-judgemental, unbiased and positive environment to help you deal with your anxieties and worries as a parent. Counselling will help you be effective in understanding the emotions and needs of your child, implementing new parenting strategies, build respectful relationships thus ensuring the emotional well-being of your child. It also involves accepting and addressing the difficulties when finding out that your child is different or has special needs. Parental counselling can be attended by one or both parents.
Child counselling provides an opportunity to explore your child’s difficulties and deal with them. It seeks to promote your child’s mental and emotional health by helping him / her express, understand and work through their emotions. We will help your child in resolving problems like lack of attention and concentration, difficulty in academics, and address mental health concerns. Child counselling will also enable your child to cope with challenges such as low self-esteem, confidence, stress, grief, anxiety, trauma, parental separation and divorce, and other significant life changes.
Family counselling will promote understanding and collaboration among you and your family members, build positive relationships and increase cohesion. Family counselling is beneficial when you are struggling with loss, a major transition, strained relationships, mental and physical health problems of family members or other situations that cause stress, conflict, or grief. You and your family will be able to explore the dynamics, relationships, roles and behaviour patterns in your family and work through any problems. Counselling can help you achieve fulfilment and harmony in your family.
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