Depression is one of the most common concerns that are faced by individuals. The term depression is used quite loosely nowadays. While we are talking about clinical depression, it is not just a feeling of sadness. Clinical depression refers to a cluster of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of depression include:

  • Low mood
  • Disinterest in previously pleasurable activities
  • Easily getting tired
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Poor socialization
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Pessimistic view of the future
  • Ideas of self-harm
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Diminished appetite

In the case of clinical depression, there is a negative triad which is being formed, which was proposed by Aaron Beck. It involves automatic and seemingly uncontrollable negative thoughts about self (worthlessness), the world or the environment around us (helplessness) and the future (hopelessness). Based on the symptoms, the severity can vary between mild, moderate or severe.

Irrespective of the severity of the symptoms, if one ever experiences any of the symptoms persisting for a significant period of time, one should be aware of the condition and try working towards getting rid of these symptoms, either by practising some of the healthy coping strategies or by seeking out professional help.

Let us look at a few strategies to defeat depression and deal with the concerns effectively, as suggested by the clinical psychologists in India.

Seeking Social Support
Getting social support plays a key role in overcoming depression, even though in the face of depression this might seem to be a challenge in itself. Talking to close ones helps in ventilation and makes us feel lighter and relaxed. It’s comforting to talk to a significant person since it gives an essence of being cared for, instead of getting judged or frowned upon. Actively engaging in social activities also helps us to be more involved with other things rather than being preoccupied with depressive thoughts and ideas of hopelessness and helplessness.

Actively Engaging In Hobbies
People suffering from clinical depression often lose interest in the activities that used to be pleasurable earlier. Famous psychologists in India are of the opinion that, engaging in these activities more regularly by setting up a routine which provides room for these hobbies, helps a great deal in combating the feelings of depression.

Being Active
Although getting out of bed might seem like a huge task, several research studies indicate that exercising regularly has been largely effective in defeating depression. Engaging in continuous and rhythmic exercises on a regular basis can relieve symptoms of depression and can also prevent relapse, according to many research studies.

Practicing Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness has been found to be largely effective in combating with depression. Instead of avoiding the depressive thoughts, it is helpful to accept the thoughts and feelings one might experience and choose to let them pass by without questioning them too much. While undergoing depressive symptoms, it is advisable to try and detach from the thoughts and practice self-compassion by being in the present moment and focusing on the present instead of being caught up and fused with the past or the future unnecessarily.

Lifestyle Changes
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes proper diet, enough sleep and engaging in breathing and relaxation exercises to deal with the stressful events helps deal with depression. Moreover, active engagement in healthy coping strategies has also found to be largely beneficial.

In spite of engaging in the self-help practices, if the condition doesn’t seem to improve it is always advisable to seek out professional help from the best mental health centres in India. Through proper medication and psychotherapeutic interventions, it is possible to overcome depression completely and get back to the genuine flow of life.