Depression or clinical depression is a common but serious mood disorder that impacts how a person feels, thinks and handles daily activities. It can impact anyone, anytime, even when everything is going on well. If you doubt you could be going through depression, it is best not to ignore it and go to an expert to get it diagnosed.

Neuropsychological testing allows a clinician or neuropsychologist measure the personality and some other cognitive elements present in a person.

Centre for Mental Health has a team of some of the best Clinical Psychologists in Pune, India is constantly engaged in creating awareness and reducing taboo & stigma around mental illness.

This article by Preetida talks about how she overcame depression with the help of Nupur Dhakephalkar founder and chief psychologist at Centre for Mental Health. Centre for Mental Health is one of the best psychologists in Pune, India who has Trained at the apex center for mental health and neuroscience education – NIMHANS. She has completed a double bachelors, masters, and M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I am a divorced & a single parent of 8 yr old Prince. Got married in April 2004,  got separated in April 2015,  got divorced in April 2017. (wondering why this April is so happening for me!)

I was the victim of Dominating Mother in Law who never loved me. But only suppressed me in all possible ways for 11 years, I was a victim of physical abuse that happened on 11th Marriage Anniversary by drunk husband!!! I was the victim of the physical aggression shown by my father in law in front of my son.

So for 11 years of marriage,  I was handling the stress, with the hope that the situation will change, those people to whom I love, will realize their faults. But that didn’t happen.

So I took the decision & got separated & took divorce! Now I am enjoying much better quality life surrounded by best friends, and getting love & support & care from my family.

I dealt with the stress for 11 years to save my marriage, then struggle with the court case for 2 years to earn my freedom & I was pretty strong to deal with all these issues. I am a fashion designer by profession, so to take care of my kid’s routine, homework, etc, I work from home and happy to manage everything alone.

So now when everything was going well, I am living a good life with my kid, a guest called #Depression came to visit me why? everything was going smooth. I was happy after ending a toxic relationships. There was no answer to this “why”.

I used to cry for no reason, I stopped going out with friends, I stopped taking an active part in our society get together. I used to get more upset when my friends used to tell me” go out for a movie” , “mix up with friends” , “do some part-time job”. I used to hate all such suggestions & was feeling more bad.

Finally, I decided to take an expert’s help, I searched for a good counselor. I knew it was depression which I was facing 1st time in my life, but struggling to come out of it. I decided to see Nupur ma’am when one of my relatives suggested her name to me. 1st two sessions with Nupur ma’am went very well & I started feeling very positive. I found my enthusiasm back, I was getting my original bubbly nature back & after 3 months, with regular counseling. I started feeling much better. I was happy to get back original “Preetida” who loves to sing, loves to dance,  likes to travel & I felt, I have become more strong to deal with life!!! I have noticed a tremendous positive change in my thinking process & even in my parenting as well.

So gyan for the day….

  • If you notice any sign of long-term depression,  just don’t handle it with “home remedies” like mixing with friends or going for movie kind of stuff. That will bring temporary change but for long-lasting effect, please go to an expert!

  • Depression can hit any person in any phase of life (even when everything is going smooth in life & no matter how mentally strong you are). Deal it by seeking expert’s help.

  • No need to feel shy or ashamed to tell that you are into depression. Recognize it, accept it so that it becomes more easy to handle. Someone said to me “arey, you should not tell anyone that you are going to counselor!” why ? people tell when they go to doctor for having fever or even diabetes, thyroid & many physical illness. So they go to doctor! right? why to feel ashamed if you are facing depression & going to the counselor.

  • Be selfish, don’t wait for anyone to notice that you are in depression, & expect that your loved ones (husband/parents/siblings) will take you to the counselor. Learn to take care of yourself 1st so that you will be mentally fit to take care of your loved ones.

  • When you make out that its depression, & take an appointment of counselor . Congratulate yourself !!! you have won half of the battle against depression & now you have taken 1st step to come out of it!

“LIFE IS PRECIOUS So Love Yourself & Handle Yourself With Care”

– Preetida