you want to die
what will you do existing
what is the use if you
no one what you
you don’t matter
no one cares about you
you shouldn’t be existing
why do you want to go through so much pain
are you an idiot
you are so pathetic
you are worthless
no one cares
what better will you do in the world
you don’t have a hope
you are hopeless
meaning creature
die die die

I have depression
clinical depression
and it not easy to confront these thoughts every day
but I did get through these thoughts these negative feelings each
and it not because of a person …it not because of medicine ….it not
because of think happy thoughts
it because of a dream
a dream a hope a mission
to not let anyone suffer from depression alone.
and this has become the purpose of my life
it the reason I get of my bed
it the reason I come to college
it the reason I am standing here today
I feel hopeless and worthless
most of the time
and the ask myself
Arya why are you living?
and there is this cute little small girl who with so much pride tell me
because I have a dream
and I need to fulfill that
I need to achieve it.
and I own it to her if not to anyone less to make it work till my last
I dream because I can
I dream because of it my right
and this dream has saved my life like a hundred times
so I ask you today
why are you living for
what is your purpose
what is your dream

Written by Ari

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