Depression or clinical depression can impact anyone, anytime, anywhere. It changes the way a person thinks, feels, behaves and handles his day to day life. If you ever feel that could be suffering from depression, you must not ignore it and get help from an expert at the earliest.

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I have news
I can’t say if it good or bad

But I will say the future
Is nothing like we planned You are soon going to diagnosed
With something you thought you never have

Doctors will say you are ill
Most will probably think you are mad
I will not say it will be easy
I wish I could

But I will say it the best that will ever happen to you
Because it will force you tie you isolate you
Until you listen
Until you find
Until you love
Until you learn to be yourself

Because darling you are lovely
A diamond among the rest
It going to be harsh
Brutal you are allowed to say
But you will never understand your value
If it weren’t for this way

Written by Ari