Depression, although a very common and serious medical illness, is mostly misunderstood as sadness. Depression affects how a person feels, thinks, and acts. When a person is depressed, they don’t feel like being with anyone or doing anything. They either sleep way more than usual or lose sleep completely. Similarly, their appetite is either nonexistent or increases dramatically. Even the energy level goes and there is a feeling of hopelessness about life. As difficult as it may seem to come out of depression, it is not. Centre for Mental Health has a team of some of the best Clinical Psychologists in Pune, India is constantly engaged in creating awareness and reducing taboo & stigma around mental illness.

Nupur Dhakephalkar, founder and chief psychologist at Centre for Mental Health is one of the best psychologists in Pune, India who has Trained at the apex center for mental health and neuroscience education – NIMHANS. She has completed a double bachelors, masters, and M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Depression feels like

Waking up becomes tiring
The alarm ring and you
See the hell ones again
Now why would you want to wake up
From a moderate sleep

But you can lying there all day
Even you you are physically exhausted
The alarm keeps ringing
So you push yourself out
Put on a social mask and go

But where will you go
Is there with you always
But you still try to ignore it
Try to be optimistic
Say it will be OK
But will it

Everything seems fine
Until someone pushes a button
And you are a panic attack
You strike out the four lines
And realise it was the 5th one this week

You feel angry hopeless nostalgic irritated all at the same time
Are you ok they ask
Oh yeah yeah I am totally fine
But are you fine

You continue living without a purpose
Each day asking why
Why me why this why now
But it does not go away

You want to feel happy
You want to smile
You want to live
But can you

When nothing make you happy anyway
All the things you love your hobbies, your friends, your time
Is gone

You have lost yourself
You don’t know who you are anymore
Atlas the day ends
One again with the same thought
The never-ending cycle continues
Giving you Two options –
Purposeless life or painful death
You may choose,
until I pretend to rest?
I bet you can’t choose
Try give it your best

Written by Ari